Grilonit® - Reactive diluents for epoxy-systems

Reactive diluents reduce the viscosity of epoxy-systems during pot life. In the curing step they do not evaporate into the environment but react to become an integral part of the crosslinked resin matrix. The range of reactive diluents allows for tuning the crosslinking density and thus improve the physical properties of the cured epoxy resin.

Grilonit® - Glycidyl ethers for chemical synthesis - Specialties

Glycidyl ethers are reactive chemicals that can be used as intermediates for the synthesis of molecules  with alkyl ether- or aryl ether-side chains. The chemical nature of the side chains trim crucial properties, e.g. the product's volatility or its solubility in organic solvents or water. Such products are used as active components in the hygiene, cosmetic, agro or pharma industry.

EMS also offers high purity grades of selected glycidyl ethers. Please contact our sales office for information on the availability of products with a specific chemical functionality.

Grilonit® - Hardeners for epoxy-systems

The addition of the hardener to a formulation containing epoxy resin and reactive diluent starts a chemical reaction, which finally results in a crosslinked resin matrix. Selecting a hardener with appropriate reactivity profile allows for customizing the epoxy systems in a way so it matches the requirements of the targeted end application.

Grilonit® - Matting waxes for powder coatings

Grilonit® V 68-39 and Grilonit® MA 68022 are waxes with special chemical properties, leading to a mattening effect. These waxes are easily incorporated during production of powder coatings.

EMS offers more additives for powder coating applications. Read more

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