Griltex ES: Smooth solutions for even surfaces


Copolyamide and copolyester thermoplastics show excellent adhesion properties to a wide variety of substrates that have porous surface structures and high surface energies. If one of these two properties is missing bonding becomes difficult. If neither is present, as in plastics and metals, good adhesion values are almost impossible.

To achieve good bonding to smooth surfaces, the surface energy of the adhesive has to be lower than the surface energy of the substrate. As a specialist for thermoplastic copolyesters and copolyamides EMS-GRILTECH developed Griltex ES adhesives specifically for bonding to even surfaces. Compared to standard adhesives the Griltex ES products are characterized by a lower surface tension.

Griltex ES types offer new possibilities for solvent-free laminating of plastic and aluminum foils in various industrial sectors such as electro / electronics, pharmacy, consumer goods and food packaging.

Electro / Electronics

High adhesion to metals and plastics as well as good insulation properties make Griltex ES 500 and ES 502 the preferred adhesives in mobile phones, tablets and laptops.


The solvent-free Griltex ES hotmelt adhesives can be used to laminate multi-layer systems made of aluminum, PVC, PET or PA films.

Food and consumer goods packaging

With Griltex ES 702 and ES 703 we offer two products with excellent adhesion to untreated PET. Packaging with Griltex ES products are suitable for ovens and microwaves.

Griltex ES for Even Surfaces

This product range opens new possibilities for permanent bonding between metals, plastics and metals with plastics. The products can also be used for the coating and lamination of various textiles. To meet the demanding requirements for bonding of even surfaces, we consistently develop innovative products that are adapted to individual applications. In this way we create added value for our customers and support their success.