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Adhesives - Applications

Back Injection Moulding of Automotive ABC-pillars

The technology of back injection moulding simplifies the covering of automotive interiors with textiles. During this process the laminate is back injection moulded with a polymer. This process has become established for the manufacture of A-/B-/C-pillars and car interior door trims.

Several Griltex® copolyesters and copolyamides are especially formulated to function as the adhesive between the barrier non-woren and decor textile. Available as granules and powders they are suitable for all coating techniques. The exact combination of melting range and melt viscosity fulfils the demanding needs of the automotive industry. Griltex® products also eliminate the orange peel effect. Contrary to cross linked adhesives Griltex® softens again under the influence of heat and rebonds the laminate during the moulding process.

Griltex® Copolyamide for Wire Coating

Metal wires for electric and electronic components are almost exclusively coated with polymers.
EMS-GRILTECH has developed special Griltex® copolyamides which provide all properties required for this application:

  • Solubility in common solvents.
  • Very low friction coefficient enabling a faster winding of the wires.
  • Fast crystallization speed shortening the dwell time in the mould.
  • Low water absorption which creates dimensional stability.
  • Excellent cohesion and adhesion properties guarantee a long life-cycle for the components.

Depending on the application and the properties required, products with different heat resistances are recommended.

Copolyester for Automotive Filters

EMS-GRILTECH produces special and tailor-made Griltex® copolyester hotmelt adhesives for the production of automotive air filters.

  • The high flexibility of Griltex® hotmelt adhesives can be adjusted to suit specific filter qualities.
  • With melting points of up to 200°C, Griltex® hotmelt adhesives fulfil all requirements with regard to thermal stability.
  • Griltex® adhesives are thermoplastic and can be re-melted if needed.
  • Due to their very narrow melting range, bonding filters can be reheated during later assembly to temperatures near the melting point.
  • Crystallizing times in the second range guarantee high production speed.
  • The low water uptake of the copolyesters increases dimensional stability.
  • Excellent cohesion and adhesion properties guarantee a long life-cycle for the finished product without loss of bonding strength.
  • Due to loud shrinking of Griltex®, stress cracking can be avoided resulting in perfectly sealed filter elements.
  • Griltex® copolyesters are odourless and have low fogging values.

Griltex® as an Alternative to Flame Bonding

Flame bonding for decorative fabrics and lightweight foams for automotive interiors has a thorn in the side of automotive manufacturers for a long time now. Volatile organic compounds (VOC's) created by burning the foam surface are released into the car interior. Along with fogging, which causes a persistent coating on the inside of the vehicle's windows, there is also a risk of allergies being caused.

Griltex® hotmelt adhesives based on copolyester have been successfully established as an alternative for many years. The small traces of volatile components (VOCs) they contain are well below the limits demanded by the automotive industry.

Griltex® copolyesters stand for high bonding strength, low material use, excellent seating comfort and a good price-to-performance ratio. 
All Griltex® products are available in different powder fractions or as granules.

Griltex® for Household and Office applications

Griltex hotmelt adhesives are used for laminating textiles for office applications. Typical uses are:

  • Dividing walls in open-plan offices
  • Desk chairs
  • Meeting room chairs
  • Window blinds, screens and shutters

Coating with Griltex® stabilises the fabric; resistance to slippage is improved and the amount of rejected material reduced. The bonding performance to different substrates such as wood, metal, glass, nonwovens and light-weight foams in combination with short cycle times, make Griltex® copolyamide and copolyester versatile adhesives for the household and office furniture industry.

Griltex® for Films and Webs

Bonding with films or webs is a clean and uncomplicated process. These advantages have been long recognised by many sectors of industry which increasingly depend on adhesive substrates.

As leading manufacturer of copolyamides and copolyester, EMS-GRILTECH offers an extensive product range of Griltex® products for the manufacture of adhesive films and webs. Cost savings and reduction of waste were the development targets for the fast crystallizing copolyester. They can be extruded without carriers which makes them both economic and environmentally compatible. The property values of flexibility, shore hardness and modulus of elasticity can be adjusted over a wide range to suit the requirements of the finished products.

With their melting range from 80 °C up to 200 °C, Griltex® copolyamides and copolyesters provide solutions for any number of bonding problems. Thanks to their tailor-made viscosities they are suitable for the manufacture of cast and blown films as well as spunbonded fabrics.

Apparel Interlinings

Just over half a century ago the Swiss technology centre Winterthur developed a method of manufacturing shirt collars using an adhesive powder. This new technology of laminating textiles revolutionized the whole apparel industry by extensively reducing the very labour intensive sewing process. The technology was further refined and in 1965, EMS-CHEMIE, then called EMSER-WERKE, launched an adhesive based on copolyamide. Some of the products introduced over 40 years ago are still part of the Griltex® range of hot melt adhesives and the resistance to washing and chemical cleaning of copolyamides remains unsurpassed until today.

Griltex® hotmelt adhesives are used to fuse interlinings to various face fabrics to enhance garments guaranteeing dimensional stability, shape retention and durability. They provide fashion designers with freedom to realize new ideas in formal, functional and leisure wear. The presence of our adhesive is never noticed by the wearer of these garments. Without the unique properties of our adhesives many of the current styles of fashion, giving durable and comfortable clothing, would be impossible to make.

Interlining manufacturers are challenged by the ever changing fashions and the need to provide products that can be used with many different face fabrics as well as easy to use whilst retaining the handle. High production speed, low coating weight and consistent product quality are demanded for the production of coated interlinings. The expectations of the apparel industry of excellent wash and dry cleaning resistance are easily met with Griltex® hotmelt adhesives.