Grilonit® - product range for epoxy systems


Trade Name

Chemical Name

CAS number

Reactive Diluent Grilonit® Epoxide 8 C12/C14-Alkyl glycidyl ether 68609-97-2
Grilonit® F 704 Poly (propylene glycol) diglycidyl ether 26142-30-3
Grilonit® F 713 Poly (butylene glycol) diglycidyl ether 26951-52-0
Grilonit® RV 1802 p-tert-Butyl phenyl glycidyl ether 3101-60-8
Grilonit® RV 1806 1,4-Butane diglycidyl ether 2425-79-8
Grilonit® RV 1807.41 2-Ethylhexyl glycidyl ether 2461-15-6
Grilonit® RV 1812 1,6-Hexane diglycidyl ether 933999-84-9; (16096-31-4)
Grilonit® RV 1814 C13/C15-Alkyl glycidyl ether 68081-84-5
Grilonit® V 51-31 Trimethylolpropane triglycidyl ether 30499-70-8
Grilonit® V 51-63 Cyclohexane dimethanol diglycidylether 14228-73-0
Specialties Grilonit® G 1705 Glycerin triglycidylether 90529-77-4
Grilonit® RV 1807 2-Ethylhexylglycidylether (distilled) 2461-15-6
Resins Grilonit® G 1302 Bisphenol A resin
Grilonit® G 1605 Bisphenol A/F resin
Grilonit® GV 31.1415 Modified Bisphenol A/F resin
Grilonit® H 82044 Modified cycloaliphatic polyamine
Grilonit® H 82062 Modified cycloaliphatic polyamine
Grilonit® H 84043 Modified cycloaliphatic polyamine
Grilonit® H 84051 Modified cycloaliphatic polyamine adduct
Grilonit® V 84-98 Modified mixture of diamine adducts


Grilonit® reactive diluents are technical grade products; purified versions are available on request.

Grilonit® hardeners are formulations comprising several components; therefore these products can not be identified by a unique CAS-no.