Griltex® CE / CT for Composite Applications

High performance Copolyamides and Copolyesters are the speciality of EMS-GRILTECH. These thermoplastic materials are especially designed to meet the requirements of our customers. For fiber-based composites made of glass-, basalt-, carbon- and polymer-fibers we produce tailor-made materials. These are established under the trade names Griltex® CE and Griltex® CT. Griltex CE / CT can be applied as powder or suspension.

Advantages of Griltex® CE

  • Stabilized fabric fibers are not deflected from the ideal position due to Griltex CE (RTM process)
  • Improvement of mechanical values of composites
  • Glueing of multiple layers to one component
  • Production of preforms without additional auxiliaries
  • Better and easier handling
  • No curing time of Griltex CE
  • Antifray

Advantages of Griltex® CT

  • Easy to handle due to single component
  • No curing time shortens process by one production step
  • Short cycle times reduce production costs
  • Reformable by temperature
  • Health- and environment-friendly material

Applications of Griltex® CE/CT

  • Transportation
  • Sports equipment
  • Building and construction
  • Wind energy
  • Technical equipment and plant engineering
  • Medical equipment
  • Organosheets

Contact for Griltex®

EMS-CHEMIE AG, location Domat/Ems

Business Unit EMS-GRILTECH
Mr. S. Maier
Via Innovativa 1
7013 Domat/Ems

Phone +41 81 632 72 02

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