Griltex® ES – Bonding of Even Surfaces

Hotmelt adhesives for bonding of metal, plastics, glass and other smooth surfaces are produced under the trade name Griltex® ES. A variety of Copolyamides and Copolyesters are offered that are designed specifically for this purpose. The ability to bond to textiles, foams and other porous materials is retained as well.

Metal Bonding – Advantages of Griltex® ES

  • No pre-treatment necessary
  • Higher flexibility and initial bonding strength vs. Epoxides
  • Higher thermal stability vs. Polyolefins
  • Faster production cycles than reactive adhesives
  • Easier handling and higher initial bonding strength vs. PUR
  • Lower VOC emissions vs. solvent based adhesives
  • Lower cost per piece
  • No structural defects caused by drilling and rivet holes

Metal Bonding – Applications of Griltex® ES

  • Metal-Metal Bonding
    • Light weight sandwich structures in building and construction (aluminum/aluminum)
    • Transportation
    • Medical packaging
  • Metal-Plastic Bonding
    • Back injection moulding (aluminum/plastics)
    • Metal decor (aluminum/medium density fiberboard)
    • Medical packaging
  • Metal-Textile Bonding
    • Thermal insulation
    • Furniture
    • Clothing
  • Metal-Glass Bonding
    • Packaging
    • Transportation

Plastic Bonding – Advantages of Griltex® ES

  • Good bonding on unmodified substrates; no pre-treatment (corona, primer, etc.) necessary
  • Outstanding UV resistance
  • Griltex ES 702 and 703 are in compliance with European and US American food contact regulations
  • Lower VOC emissions vs. solvent based adhesives

Plastic Bonding – Applications of Griltex® ES

  • Medical laminations
  • High strength and controlled release packaging (bonding to modified / unmodified PET)
  • Sport equipment
  • Building and construction
  • Electric and electronic devices
  • Transportation

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