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Civil Engineering and Construction

Our product range for the civil engineering market consists of reactive diluents, hardeners and epoxy resins. They cure by chemical reaction without emissions. Typical applications are mortars, coatings, sealants, primers, adhesives, flooring and others.

GRILONOTSelf levelling mortarsRepair mortarsSealersCoatingsInjection systemsProperties
H 82044
H 82062
+++++++ Low color, low viscosity universal hardeners.
V 84-97
V 84-98
++++++++ High reactivity. Low sensitivity to carbamation and water spotting.
H 84043++++++++ Room temperature curing. Good flow properties and low carbamation.
H 84024+++++++ Carbamate free curing. Excellent inter-coat adhesion and chemical resistance.
H 81016++++++++++Low temperature hardener or accelerator. Suitable for cold or wet substrates.
H 84026
H 84055
   ++ Hardener for solvent based coatings. Excellent intercoat adhesion and good chemical resistance
RV 1806++++++++++Excellent reactivity at low temperature. Good solvent resistance and high mechanical strength.
RV 1807.41++++++Excellent diluting power. Higher vapour pressure than other reactive diluents.
RV 1812++++++++++Excellent reactivity at low temperature. Good solvent resistance and high mechanical strength.
Epoxide 8
RV 1814
++++++++++Very low toxicity with good diluting power. Good wetting and air release properties.

Grilonit® Hardeners and Reactive Diluents for Tailor Made Formulations

EMS-GRILTECH provides a core assortment of epoxy hardeners and reactive diluents suitable for a wide range of applications in the construction industry.

These include:

  • self-levelling mortars for heavy-duty floor coverings,
  • protective and decorative coatings for steel and concrete,
  • repair mortars, and
  • anchoring and injection systems

There is virtually no sector in modern-day building technology that does not rely on epoxy compositions. Unlike concrete systems that can only be used after days or even weeks, epoxy systems can be exposed to mechanical stressing after a matter of hours.

All epoxy resin systems contain basic resins, reactive diluents, hardeners and fillers and are cured via an emission-free chemical reaction. The choice of reactive diluent and hardener is dependent on the application characteristics and filler loading as well as mechanical and chemical properties of the cured system. Market demands are for individual formulations, high mechanical strength, chemical compatibility and simple processing. Grilonit® reactive diluents and hardeners make a key contribution towards achieving these objectives.

Our aim is to offer a product range, which permits both formulator and user to obtain an optimum performance with the minimum number of products. Fewer products mean lower costs and a simplified material selection process. EMS-GRILTECH is market leader for reactive diluents in Europ