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We value and further our employees and offer them employment conditions usual in the market.

Employee satisfaction is evaluated systematically and periodically and the resulting measures implemented and monitored.

To ensure the health and safety of our employees, group-wide targets are defined, their implementation periodically checked and target achievement promoted through programmes and measures.

The employee fluctuation rate is lower than 10%.

EMS places great value on practical training.

Internal workshops are based on the daily tasks of the employees, our success with training is mirrored in the improvement of quality levels and efficiency in the work place.

In addition to internal workshops, EMS also offers supporting programmes for further education at universities of applied science or other external institutes.

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Apprentice training at the main production site in Domat/Ems (Switzerland)

EMS-CHEMIE AG has been active in the field of apprentice training with great success since 1943.

In Switzerland approximately 140 apprentices are being trained in 15 trades, mainly on our largest site in Domat/Ems. More information

In the canton Grisons, EMS is the most important training company with around 40 apprentices completing their training each year and a budget of approximately CHF 4 Mio.

In April 2004, EMS-CHEMIE and Axpo founded the training association emax.

emax offers inter-company courses for plant and apparatus construction, chemical laboratory assistants, automation engineer apprentices.

Within the "emax" apprentice training scheme, EMS also trains an additional 100 apprentices from other companies.

www.emax-gr.ch (only available in German)

EMS offers work experience opportunities for apprentices and students in further education and, in cooperation with educational institutes, promotes practice-related training, talent acquisition and recruitment of junior staff.

EMS has implemented special programmes for positions enabling reintegration in the working environment.