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EMS at a glance


EMS at a glance

The EMS Group is active worldwide in the business areas High Performance Polymers and Specialty Chemicals. The companies within the group are consolidated in the EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG domiciled in Domat/Ems. The EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG is the only listed company (SIX Swiss Exchange, securities number 1.644.035).


Business Areas

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The business area High Performance Polymers is comprised of EMS-GRIVORY and EMS-EFTEC. EMS-GRIVORY is the leading specialised manufacturer of high-performance polyamides and the supplier with the widest range of polyamide materials. EMS-GRIVORY is made up of the three Business Units EMS-GRIVORY Europe, EMS-GRIVORY America and EMS-GRIVORY Asia. EMS-EFTEC is represented under the name EFTEC as leading supplier worldwide for adhesives, sealants and coatings including application engineering systems for the automotive industry.


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The Business Unit EMS-PATVAG was sold on November 26, 2019. For this reason, the business area Specialty Chemicals is now comprised solely of the Business Unit EMS-GRILTECH. EMS-GRILTECH is specialized in the development and production of fibers, fusible adhesives and adhesive yarn for technical and textile applications, adhesion promoters for the tyre industry, powder coatings and reactive diluents.

Company Strategy

EMS' company strategy is based on the following focus points:

  • EMS concentrates on operational growth with speciality products.
  • EMS defines Performance Polymers as core business.
  • EMS returns financial resources not required for operational business to the shareholders.

Locations / Employees

EMS has 25 production sites in 16 different countries and is represented throughout the world with company owned sales companies or by distributors/traders. 

As of December 2023, the EMS Group has 2,736 employees worldwide with 134 apprentices based in Switzerland.

Key financial figures 2023

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Members of the

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG is made up of the following four members:

Bernhard Merki

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Magdalena Martullo

Vice-President of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Joachim Streu

Member of the Board of Directors

Rainer Roten

Member of the Board of Directors

Members of the

Executive Management

Executive Management of EMS-CHEMIE HOLDING AG is made up of the following five members:

Magdalena Martullo

Vice-President of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer

Olivier Minger

Member of Executive Management, CFO

Urs Janssen

Member of Executive Management

Dr. Christoph Kleiner

Member of Executive Management

Further Information

Dr Maximilian Dexheimer
Phone +41 44 915 70 00

Investor Relations
Olivier Minger
Phone +41 44 921 01 31