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Adhesion Promoters

Adhesion Promoters

Our adhesion promoters are used in applications (tires, conveyor-belts, v-belts, hoses and canvas) where reliable and strong adhesion between rubber and polyester reinforcement material is required.

Use our process service for environmentally sound, simplified manufacture and enhanced product quality at reduced cost.

Polyester and aramide reinforcing cord for tires, conveyor-belts, v-belts, hoses and canvas
  • Ready-to-use dispersion
  • Maximum adhesion
  • Temperature resistant adhesion
  • Flexible tire cord
  • Cost-efficient coating
  • On-site process service
IL-6 50% F
IL-6 60% F
Grilbond® G1701

Grilbond® bonding agents from EMS offer extremely high adhesion levels and major economic and environmental benefits when used with advanced polyester tire-cord. Grilbond® thus contributes to the new lighter-weight tire construction, improves the functional safety of the tire, extends its life, enables a more comfortable ride and helps save fuel.

Grilbond makes the manufacturing process far more efficient and increases productivity. Grilbond® IL-6 can be supplied as a ready to use dispersion for simplified handling and reduced labour costs. It has a low deblocking temperature, allowing increased production speeds in combination with energy and material savings and less waste.

  • Grilbond® makes maximum adhesion between polyester fabric and vulcanized rubber possible.
  • Grilbond® IL-6 does not release any harmful substances, making the bonding agent safe and hygienic in handling and use.
  • Grilbond® is used not only in the production of tires, but also for conveyor belts and power transmission belts to the advantage of the user.

Profit from Grilbond's® many advantages. EMS specialists will be pleased to help with this leading edge technology even when the most challenging demands are made. We are a Swiss company with an unbroken success record with regard to quality, reliability and customer service.