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Technical Fibers

Technical Fibers

Grilon® products include fusible bonding fibers made from copolyamides or copolyesters, bicomponent fibers and abrasion resistant polyamide fibers e.g. for the paper machine industry.


Grilon® Fiber characteristic

Grilon® Fiber, Count Range
Grilon® Fiber, Standard Staple Length
Grilon® Fiber, Profiles / Cross-Section
Grilon® Fiber, Crimp Shape (3D-Crimp)
Grilon® Fiber, Crimp Shape (2D-Crimp)

Grilon® Fiber Product Range for PMC

PA6 fibers with high abrasion resistance are used for paper machine clothing. These form the core business of the product range Grilon® fibers. These PA6 fibers are characterized not only by their high mechanical strength, but also through excellent chemical and thermal resistance. Grilon® adhesive fibers made from copolyamides are also used in paper machine felts. In this way, the felts are given greater strength with significantly reduced fiber loss. Grilon® hotmelt adhesive fibers are available as full profile or bi-component fibers.

PMC, PA6 fibers

Grilon® Fiber, Crimp Shape (3D-Crimp)
Grilon® Fiber, Crimp Shape (2D-Crimp)
Medium set, 3D-Crimp
Non set, 3D-Crimp
Super set, 2D-Crimp

PMC, Fusible Adhesive Fibers, CoPA

Bicomponent Meltbonding Fiber
Full Profile Meltbonding Fiber

Grilon® Fibers for Technical Applications

Technical PA6 Fibers

Yarns and nonwovens

Technical, Fusible Adhesive Fibers

CoPA Fusible Adhesive Fibers
CoPES Fusible Adhesive Fibers

Technical, Bi-component Fibers PA6 / CoPA

CoPA Fusible Bicomponent Adhesive Fiber

Technical, Bi-component Fibers PA66 / PA6

Core / Sheath
Side by Side

Grilon® Fibers for Apparel

The fine count Grilon® fibers with 1.0 – 1.7 dtex are particularly suited for the manufacture of light and soft thermobonded interlinings. The coarser counts, 3.3 – 6.7 dtex, are used for voluminous nonwovens and cotton yarns. Grilon® P 300 is our standard fiber with very good thermobonding properties. It provides a soft end product with low shrinkage. Grilon® M 371 is a siliconized fiber with an excellent soft touch and very good processing and thermobonding properties.

TypeCount (dtex)ColorLusterStaple length
P3001.0, 1.3, 1.7raw white / opt. brightenedsemidull38
1.7black spun-dyed 38
3.3, 4.2, 6.7raw whitesemidull60
M 3711.7raw white / opt. brightenedsemidull38
1.7black spun-dyed 38
3.3raw whitesemidull51
4.8raw whitesemidull60

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