Hotmelt Adhesives

Thermoplastic adhesive products for technical and textile bonding applications are sold under the trade name "Griltex®". EMS-GRILTECH has many year's experience in the manufacture of tailor-made copolyamides and copolyesters for different application fields. The melt temperatures and melt viscosity can be modified over a wide range depending on the different requirements of each application. The adhesives are available as powder in a wide range of grain sizes or as granules. Manufacturing is carried out in our own polymerisation and grinding plants. 

Griltex® ES – Bonding of Even Surfaces

Hotmelt adhesives for bonding of metal, plastics, glass and other smooth surfaces are produced under the trade name Griltex® ES.

Griltex® CE / CT for Composite Applications

For fiber-based composites made of glass-, basalt-, carbon- and polymer-fibers EMS produces tailor-made materials. These are established under the trade names Griltex® CE and Griltex® CT.