Grilon® Low melting yarns for technical textiles and innovative solutions for garments

Grilon yarns for better product properties and process optimization: 

Polymer Copolyester (CoPES)
Melting range 60°C/140°F, 135°C/ 275°F and 160°C/320°F
Yarn count 75 dtex - 330 dtex
Properties washable, stainable

Polymer Copolyamid (CoPA)
Melting range 85°C/185°F, 110°C/230°F, 140°C/284°F and 178°C/352°F
Yarn count 23 dtex - 390 dtex
Properties washable, dry cleaning, stainable

Combi - Yarns
Polymer PES or PA66 enwinded with CoPES or CoPA
Melting range 60°C/140°F - 178°C/352°F
Yarn count 45 dtex - 900 dtex
Properties high tensile strength, good processing at sewing and stitching

MS Yarns
Polymer Phenoxy
Yarn count 150 dtex and 300 dtex
Properties soluble in epoxy resins