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Bonding Yarns - Applications

  • Stabilization of raschel laces, ribbons, picot edges for underwear 
  • Stabilization of edges for seamless, fully-fashioned and compression hoisery
  • Separation yarns for knitted textiles 
  • Fixation of cutting edges for labels
  • Stabilization of hems
  • Improvement of mechanical properties of textile fabrics
Technical Textiles
  • Bonding of technical sewing threads
  • Stabilization of ropes and HF wires 
  • Stabilization of edges for conveyor belts 
  • Reinforcement of woven fabric for protective clothing, home textiles
  • Shaping of cable sheaths
  • Stabilization of grids and open structures
  • Reinforcement of 3D structures
  • Bonding of multilayer structures
  • Sewing thread for UD and multiaxial fabrics 
  • Stitching thread for "tailored fiber placement" 
  • Reinforcement of carbon and glass fabrics
  • Reinforcement of braided structures