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Application Technology for Fibers

Grilon® Fibers for Paper Machine Clothing

The polyamide fibers TM5000 and RX145 for paper machine clothing are characterized by their excellent chemical, thermal and mechanical wear resistance, thereby increasing the performance and lifetime of a felt.

Grilon® Bicomponent Fusible Adhesive Fibers

The bicomponent fusible adhesive fiber BA140 improves the application properties of nonwovens and felts. Due to strong fiber bonding, technical products obtain a higher tenacity and fiber loss will be reduced.

Grilon® Full Profile Fusible Adhesive Fibers

The fusible adhesive fiber KA140 is used to enhance the technical performance of nonwovens and yarns or forms the matrix for lightweight, dimensionally stable composites.

Grilon® and Nexylon® Fine Count

The fine count fibers P300 (PA6) and N200 (PA66) from 1.0 - 3.3 dtex are particularly suitable for thermobonding of light, soft interlinings and for cotton yarns. Coarser counts from 3.3 - 6.7 dtex are used for voluminous nonwovens and wool yarns.

Grilon® Fibers for Carpets / Spun Dyed fibers

TM 2300 fibers are used for carpets not only in black or white but also various other colors are available. Color matching can be made from customized hand samples

Nexylon® Fibers for Abrasives

Nexylon® fibers (PA66) are highly abrasion resistant and are used in nonwoven abrasives for cleaning, polishing and deburring. Mainly coarse counts of 17 - 220 dtex in different staple lengths are used.

Nexylon® HT for Textile Spun Yarns

Nexylon® HT is used because of its high tenacity, its better process-performance in spun yarns and the improved durability of mixed cotton fabrics (Cotton / Polyamide). For this reason the lifetime of the fabric is much longer and wearing comfort is better.

Nexylon® FR Flame-Retardant

Using Nexylon® FR, the lifetime of flame-resistant protective work wear can be significantly increased and provides a high wearing-comfort. The carpet industry is another interesting field of application.

Nexylene® Fibers for Technical Textiles

Nexylene® is a high temperature resistant fiber made from polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). Outstanding characteristic is the chemical stability against nearly all solvents as well as most acids and alkali. An important application is hot gas filtration.