Griltex® Hotmelt Adhesives

Thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives for technical and textile bonding applications are established under the trade name "Griltex®". These are tailor-made copolyamides and copolyesters. The melting range and melt viscosity can be adjusted over a wide range according to different requirements. Griltex® adhesive products are available as powders and granules.

Griltex® ES – Bonding of Even Surfaces

Hotmelt adhesives for bonding of metal, plastics, glass and other smooth surfaces are produced under the trade name Griltex® ES. 

Griltex® CE / CT for Composite Applications

For fiber-based composites made of glass-, basalt-, carbon- and polymer-fibers EMS produces tailor-made materials. These are established under the trade names Griltex® CE and Griltex® CT.




Primid® products are crosslinkers for weathering resistant powder coatings, making environmentally friendly and cost-effective protective finishes possible on metal surfaces. 



Epoxy systems

Grilonit® products are reactive diluents and epoxy-resins for the epoxide industry. They are used in a variety of applications in the field of civil engineering or as chemical intermediates in the chemical industry.



Technical Fibers

Nexylon® are high performance PA66 fibers which are processed to high quality nonwovens and spun yarns. Important applications are technical textiles, flame-resistant protective clothing as well as work-wear and uniforms.



Technical Fibers

Nexylene® is a technical staple fiber made of polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) used for hot gas filtration and further technical applications.



Adhesion promoters

Grilbond® products guarantee a good bond between polyester reinforcing fibers and the rubber in tyres, drive belts and conveyor-belts.



Fibers, fusible bonding yarns and granules

The brand name stands for technical fibers, fusible adhesive yarns and granules for the manufacture of monofilaments based on PA6, PA12, PA610, PA612, copolyamides and copolyesters.